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General Service : Maverick SC32 or DUC32 Fork

$168.71 $224.95

This type of service should be performed every 50-100ξhours of riding as preventative maintenance or sooner if components show signsξof wear or a drop in performance is felt.

It is normal for suspension components to drop in performance over time when being used often, this is caused by the degradation and contamination of suspension fluids whose job it is to dampen and lubricate the fork as well as the wearing of components such as bushings and seals.

In a complete service we clean all the internal and external components of the fork, removing all the old fatigued suspension fluid as well as dirt and contaminates, we replace the consumables such as seals/oil with high quality genuine replacement parts and rebuild the fork to feel better than when new.

We guarantee the ride quality and workmanship of all of our suspension services.ξξ

A Complete service includes the following;

  • Fork disassembly with in-depth inspection of all components
  • Cleaning and reassembly of fork
  • New Suspension fluid
  • New Dust WiperŒæseals

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