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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that we haven't covered below, please send us an email. Every question we receive helps us to refine what we cover in our FAQ's to better help our customers get the information they need as quickly and easily as possible.



- Who is behind MTBSC?

- How long have you been established?

- Are you only online based?

- What type of customers do you do work for?

- Why should I get MTBSC to do my servicing?

- Does MTBSC do warranty work?

- What are your trading hours?



- How do I purchase a service?

- What if I have a brand or model of component not listed on this website?

- What if I want a quote for repair work?

- Can you only work on certain brands?

- Does MTBSC service Specialized products?

- Does MTBSC service Cannondale products?

- Does MTBSC service Trek DRCV products?

- Does MTBSC service Scott Nude shocks?

- How should I prepare my component before sending?

- Are there any setup costs or additional charges?

- How do I know what model of suspension I have?



- Do you have a shop?

- How secure is your website?

- Can I order a service over the phone?

- Can I see a full price list for printing?

- Can I cancel an order?

- Can I edit the details I've entered for an item already in the shopping cart?

- Do you have all your service parts in stock?

- Can I pick up my component once serviced?

- Can I order more than one service at a time?

- In which currency are your prices?

- Do I have to pay GST tax on my order?

- How long does it take to get a service done?

- What type of payments do you accept?

- What is your refund policy?

- What do I do if I have an urgent job?

- What do I do if I haven't received my order?

- Do you offer gift vouchers to buy?

- Do you accept Paypal or American Express?

- Do you store my credit card details?



- How do I post my component to you?

- How long does it take to get a service done?

- What's the cost for return delivery?

- Do you deliver outside Australia?

- How do I track the progress of my order?



- Do you offer any rider sponsorship or discounts for charities or organisations?



- How secure is your website?