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Passion for Suspension and Customer Service

Mountain Bike Suspension Centre is Simon Glanville (left) and Lachlan Walden (right). Together they have a wealth of experience in the bike industry and suspension specifically. Both have studied engineering and mechanical design at university and have a passion for the intricacies of suspension dynamics. Through Mountain Bike Suspension Centre they aim to provide easy, efficient access to suspension service, repair and performance enhancement, for both riders and their local bike shop, ensuring that every experience with them is a positive one.

Simon is Australia’s foremost expert in Fox suspension. He has been the Australian brand manager for the last three years, a Fox technician for the two years previous and has travelled to Fox’s facilities in the US and Southeast Asia many times to receive technical training. His passion for suspension does not stop at Fox though. Simon has been self-employed as a suspension technician for the last 10 years and, over this time, he has also developed expertise in RockShox and almost every other brand on the market today (and some that are no longer around). His instinct and skill for custom tuning is second to none and with every tune he aims to deliver a level of suspension performance and feel that exceeds rider expectation.

Lachlan has been a brand champion for Fox with the current Australian distributor and followed the brand from the previous distributor when it changed hands. At the previous distributor he worked in the accounts department whilst taking every opportunity to undertake suspension training in the workshop. This passion for suspension continued when he moved to the current distributor where his technical knowledge of suspension really developed. His involvement with mountain bike suspension, however, can be traced back 20 years when, while still at high school, he started dabbling in suspension design and frame building.

Both Simon and Lachlan have been obsessed with mountain biking for decades and love the fact that developments in suspension have really driven what’s possible on a bike. They are both detail oriented people and are customer focused. At the end of the day, they do what they do to get people stoked about riding and loving where their mountain bike can take them.