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General Service : KS Seatpost

$74.96 $99.95

Keep your dropper post as smooth as silk but solid as a rock!

During normal use a KS Dropper post's Lubrication Oil begin's to get contaminated by dirt and debris as well as the deterioration of the oil itself. This can lead to wear on the internal and external partsξof the dropper post. Signs and symptomsξthat your dropper post may need a service are, excessive play or just plain won't compress or extend.

During a complete service we strip the post down clean the components and replace the essential oils, lubricants and seals to keep the product operating smoothly.

A Complete Service Includes;

  • Cleaning external and internal components
  • Thorough inspection for damage and/or wear
  • Replacement of seals & lubricants
  • New Genuine KS Wiper Seal
  • New Genuine KS upper post bushing
  • Slick Honey Grease
  • Free Return postage

If your KS dropper has squish or is mechanically broken please select a Complete service

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