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Air Sleeve Service : Most Air Fox Rear Shocks

$86.21 $114.95

Keep your rear shock smooth and plush!

During normal use a shocks Lubrication Oil begin's to drop in performance. This is due to multiple factors including becoming contaminated by dirt and debris as well as the deterioration of the oil itself.

During an Air Sleeve service we strip the shock down clean the components and replace the essential oils, lubricants and seals to keep the product operating smoothly.

Note : If the shock's compression or rebound performance is reduced, or the shock is older than 9 months, please jump straight to a Complete Service which includes a damper service.

An Air Sleeve Service includes;

  • Cleaning external and internal shock components
  • Thorough inspection of shock for damage and/or wear
  • Replacement of Air Sleeve seals & lubricants
  • New Genuine FOX Air Sleeve Seals
  • FOX Float Fluid + Slick Honey Grease
  • Free Return postage

Note: this service is not able to be performed on: Float X2 or FOX Micro Brain shocks as the air can can not be removed without disassemble of the damper, A complete service is necessary.

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