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Complete Service : Rock Shox Brain Rear Shock (2018+)

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The Specialized Brain is the epitome of efficiency and speed when it comes to cross country racing rear shocks. Regular maintenance, and renewing fluids and seals, is the best way to keep your Brain shock running at it's best.

Through normal use, a shock's lubrication and dampening fluids begin to drop in performance. This is due to multiple factors including becoming contaminated by dirt and debris as well as the deterioration of the oil itself.

During a complete shock service we strip the shock down, clean the internal components and replace the essential oils, lubricants and seals to keep the product operating at its best.

This service should be performed a minimum of every 12 months or 125 hours of riding. A few signs of this service being necessary are reduced pedal platform/rebound control, leaking oil or a squelching noise while in use.

Full service includes:

  • Complete teardown and rebuild of damper including new seals, oil and nitrogen recharge (where applicable)
  • Thorough inspection of shock for damage and/or wear
  • New Air sleeve seals
  • New Damper seals
  • Premium damper oil  and Slick Honey Grease
  • New DU bushings (if needed)
  • Free return postage

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