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Blueprint service : Fork

$97.46 $129.95

Have you ever bought a new fork that just doesn't meet your expectation?

Our blueprint servicing is exactly that...we strip the fork down to its core and rebuild it to how the original engineers intended it to be!

We go over the fork with a fine tooth comb and seek out improvement from the Chassis, Cartridge and Air Spring to deliver the fork you wanted.

Customer Testimonial:

"I'm not sure what voodoo and wizardry these guys used on my forks, but my 6 month old 36 floats are better than new now, in fact they're better than anything I've ridden before. Whatever they did worked wonders."

Please feel free to call or email to discuss different tune options that are right for you.

The Blueprint Service includes;

  • Base Custom tune labor and cartridge bleed
  • Air Volume Spacer/adjustment
  • Up to Three Shims
  • Lower Leg bushing sizing
  • Inspection of components such as seal heads ect to seek out improvements in stiction
  • Improved fluids where necessary

*Suspension must be in relatively new condition for this service to be considered, If you have older forks please choose a general service and custom tune.

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